2020-2021 and COVID

Dear Riders, Parents and Sponsors,

2020 was not the year any of us planned for, on any level.

Just as our riders were poised to begin racing, that opportunity was yanked out from under us as COVID swept across the globe.

So many of us have had to sacrifice so much including the kids who make up our Roadrunner team. Life has certainly changed and continues to morph as we navigate through these strange waters.

We plan to give the kids some hope and opportunity as we enter into 2021. There is a way to be socially responsible and adhere to the government mandates while allowing team members to get outside, enjoy nature, find adventure, breathe fresh air and absorb crucial Vitamin D.

The kids need it. The coaches need it. The parents need it. So let’s work together to find a balance.

The Coachella Valley Mountain Bike Roadrunners are looking forward to the opportunity to move forward in a world that seems to be standing so very still.

Stay Tuned for announcements and if you aren’t in our email database, contact us to make sure you get up to the minute updates!

We look forward to instilling hope and drive in our Roadrunner team for 2021.